Professional Agile Leadership - Essentials (PAL-E)

This course includes an attempt at the Professional Agile Leadership I (PAL I) certification assessment. See course details for more info.

This Professional Agile Leadership™ Essentials (PAL-E) is a 2 day training\workshop that provides a foundation for the role that leaders play in creating the conditions for a successful agile transformation. The training\workshop is a unique mix of theory & practice, optimized for the best learning experience. This official training helps you prepare for the PAL I -certification.

Course content

Although there is a slide-deck that will be provided to everyone, this training\workshop will merely use flipcharts, videos, team cases\exercises & interactive discussions.
The location & training room is shaped towards optimal collaboration between the participants.

The content of the PAL-E training\workshop is continuously updated by a community of Professional Scrum Trainers (PST’s). With over 235 PSTs around the world teaching the materials, that provides a fantastic number of people to provide excellent feedback to improve the content and quality of the courseware.

Leaders will understand how agility adds value to their organization and why their support in creating the proper culture is essential to success. They will be prepared to support and enable teams by providing guidance and removing impediments that are beyond the team’s ability to address:

  • Professional introduction to Agile, and connecting agility with what really matters to the success of your organization.
  • Understand how leading with Agile principles and values creates better outcomes, and overcome many organizational challenges.
  • Understand how to create a culture of engagement in continuous improvement & delivery, and an accountability model for the modern-day organization to sustain agility.

Professional Agile Leadership - Essentials (PAL-E)

Martin Ellemann Olesen Ron Eringa
Martin Ellemann Olesen Ron Eringa

What you will learn

Professional Agile Leadership Essentials is a 2 day workshop to equip leaders and managers of Agile teams along with their Product Owners and Scrum Masters to help their organizations change by providing participants with:

  • An overview of what “Agile” is and why organizations need it to thrive in a changing world.
  • The means to identify the potential opportunities, challenges and impacts of Agile in terms of business value and why this is so important to the next generation organization.
  • An understanding of techniques to support teams to sustain long-term agility including the role that leaders play, shifts in thinking, and the relationship between complexity and empiricism.
  • Ways to continue the development of the people to help them grow and prosper in an agile way of working.
  • Practical insights in how the role of an Agile Leader is different from a traditional manager
  • Guidance of how to measure and guide agile product delivery.

Target group

This training is aimed at leaders who are involved in the adoption of Agility in their organisation:

  • Managers who are responsible for one/more Scrum teams
  • Scrum Masters and Product Owners
  • Managers or leaders who are responsible for developing people in the Scrum teams (HR/PMO managers)
  • Senior Executives who act as a sponsor for the Agile transformation and want to know how to develop the leadership for the Agile transformation

However, students will make the most of the training if they study the Scrum Guide, pass the Scrum Open Assessment, possess a solid understanding of Scrum, have worked with a Scrum team in a Leadership role and read any book on Scrum by Ken Schwaber


If you have any questions regarding the course you are more than welcome to send us an e-mail or call us at +45 42 90 98 98.

Questions regarding the instructor are possibly answered on the instructors profile page. Please find a link under the instructor portrait at the top of this page.
We look forward to hearing from you.

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